We stand up against racism,
discrimination and inequality.
Black Lives Matter

We started our company to inspire people and enrich their lives with healthy home cooked meals shared around the table with loved ones.


For 10 years we have poured our hearts and souls into building a great company where people of diverse backgrounds and experiences come together to make a difference. Our amazingly talented and beautifully diverse team is what has made us successful. Celebrating each other is in our DNA, and each team member is proud of our culture and the positive impact it has on lives – both their own and others.


However, we have not been loud enough on our stance against racism. Over the last few weeks, we have listened to Black voices and learned our silence is complicit - that ends today. We’re standing united as a team to say enough is enough. We are standing up to say that racism and discrimination will not be tolerated. We are standing up to say Black Lives Matter.


For the last two weeks, we have facilitated over 40 small group & company-wide meetings to determine our course of action. The voices of our team are critical - they underscore everything we do. We have taken the time to listen and affirm that our statement is a collective representation of our entire team and, most importantly, backed by actions to support our words.


We will commit a minimum of $1 million over the next two years to support positive change initiatives.


Team Involvement: We will dedicate our time and resources to community betterment organizations like Black Urban Growers and City Harvest. We will start a community youth outreach program to provide internship and employment opportunities within our company and teach younger students the value of nutrition while providing them with the tools for cooking healthy meals at home.


Company Commitment: We will provide paid time off to our entire team every month for the specific purpose of working with organizations to support and sustain meaningful change. We will continue to hold ourselves and our partners accountable by only partnering and supporting other businesses who share our values.


Monetary Donations: We will make immediate donations to the NAACP and ACLU. We will also identify three additional organizations focused on equality and make contributions. Lastly, we will continue our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, which includes supporting pediatric and breast cancer research, natural disaster recovery and COVID19 relief by sourcing and donating PPE, feeding healthcare workers and donating cooking appliances to people who lost their livelihoods.


Honing Our Team: We are committed to further widening our recruitment lanes and continuing to celebrate diversity. We will provide ongoing diversity education and keep honest conversation at the forefront of everything that Dash does.


Using Our Collective Voice: We will bring a wider diversity of recipes and influencers to our social media channels and tell more culturally inclusive stories. Food and culture are linked and can teach valuable lessons. Our people will be our inspiration, exemplifying the robust power of a diverse workforce.


Please stand with us.


- The Entire Team At Dash