Air Frying for Families E-Book

Air Frying for Families
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Looking for delicious kid-friendly recipes to make at home? Our downloadable Air Frying for Families E-Book has you covered!

Everyone parent knows finding meals for a picky eater is difficult, especially when you’re trying to eat healthy. That’s why we’ve created these recipes with kids’ palates in mind, so you’ll always be serving up delicious meals. You’ll find recipes inside that your kids will not just love, but will ask for time and again. Plus, there's plenty of fun to be had with your little ones on the included coloring book pages!


This cookbook is full of kid-friendly favorites for parents to make in the Dash Air Fryer, from reinvented classics like Mac 'n Cheese Bites to easy vegetarian substitutions like Spaghetti Squash. They're so delicious, you'll even want to save a bite for yourself!

Creative Desserts Air Fried Sides Kid-Friendly Entrees Snack Time!

Easy Donuts

Onion Rings

Fish + Chips

Mac 'n Cheese Bites

Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gluten-Free)

Candied Brussels Sprouts

Mini Burgers

Grilled Cheese

Pop Tarts

Sweet Potato Tots

Spaghetti Squash

Tortilla Chips

Cinnamon Sugar Mini Pretzels

Zucchini Wedges

Unprocessed Chicken Fingers

Fresh Guacamole

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