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New York, NY (Feb 14, 2020)

2019 was a breakout year for the Dash, Sobro, and Zakarian lines, all part of the StoreBound collection of brands focusing on consumer home and kitchen goods.

The Dash brand reached new heights with explosive demand for the line of Dash Mini Waffle Makers, both from waffle connoisseurs and from the health-conscious keto community. Keto lovers used the Mini Waffle Maker to cook “chaffles” or keto waffles made mainly of egg and cheese, starting a massive trend through social media involving the Dash Mini Waffle Maker. Dash also launched the Egg Bite Maker, a first-of-its-kind product that makes delicious sous-vide-style egg bites on the countertop at home, cutting out additional expenses and saving precious time in the morning.

Continuing innovation in the Dash line of Air Fryers, the Tasti-Crisp 2Qt Air Fryer debuted in late 2019 to rave reviews from consumers. The Tasti-Crisp’s re-designed exterior is more compact than other air fryers, while the interior Crisper Basket has more surface area, so food cooks faster and with even more crisp. Dash also delivered the Everyday Griddle, launching a new design that connected with consumers in a product category that had not recently seen innovation.

Dash is also continuing to branch into non-electrics in the year ahead, in particular with the Dash Safe Slice Mandoline, a completely redesigned kitchen mandoline that creates even cuts while ensuring customers’ fingers are never near the blades. Not only is the Safe Slice Mandoline collapsible for easy and compact storage, it also includes a full range of up to 30 different cuts, including various widths as well as slice, dice, matchstick, and julienne settings.

The Zakarian line of cookware, a partnership between Dash and Chef Geoffrey Zakarian, experienced new success with TV shopping on QVC. Zakarian Non-Stick Cast Iron cookware sold out repeatedly, and the line will continue to appear through 2020. The Zakarian line started by delivering quality cast iron cookware with a unique nonstick coating to home chefs, and has since evolved into categories including kitchen electrics, with the Zakarian Air Fryer Oven, and nonelectrics, with a range of forthcoming products designed to simplify everyday cooking with innovative solutions.

For Sobro, StoreBound completed a successful Indiegogo campaign for the Sobro Smart Side Table, shipping the table to our backers and launching an app that integrates with the table to provide mobile control. The Sobro Smart Side Table also became available through retail partners for the first time, expanding the reach of this cutting-edge piece of smart furniture.


Dash is committed to helping people make healthy, unprocessed food at home. The brand is grounded in our belief that taking small steps every day to live a healthier life can make a big impact, and that the best path to wellness is eating whole, natural foods. In the store, in the kitchen, and online, Dash provides the tools and content to help consumers make delicious healthy meals. That’s what living unprocessed is all about.


The Sobro brand integrates technology and design to develop home furnishings for a connected lifestyle. The Sobro Smart Coffee Table launched in March of 2017 and was a runaway success on Indiegogo with over 1.6M raised in presales. After launching at retail in October 2017, the Sobro team began work on its latest project, the Sobro Smart Side Table. This latest companion to the Smart Coffee Table incorporates elements from the first campaign, along with new additions such as wireless charging and app connectivity. The Sobro Smart Side Table reached an astounding 2.1M raised in presales on Indiegogo and shipped to backers in 2019. With a growing product line of furniture designed to multitask, Sobro is at the nexus of smart home innovations and is committed to creating products supporting a digital lifestyle.


StoreBound is a product development and distribution platform bringing new and innovative products to market faster than ever before. Leveraging a fully integrated model of concept development, engineering, manufacturing, logistics, sales, marketing, and business management, StoreBound develops quality products and manages their performance at key retailers.

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