11 Recipes That Prove There’s More To Chaffles Than Just Eggs & Cheese

A few weeks ago you might’ve heard the word “chaffle” and thought you were losing your mind. Fast forward a few days, and we’ve got a social SUPERSTAR on our hands. It’s almost physically impossible to get your daily dose of filthy foodie delights on Insta, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook without coming across some variety of these quick keto treats.


In case you’ve been missing out, allow us to enlighten you on THE CHAFFLE; a keto friendly, grain-free, waffle made primarily out of eggs and cheese, delivering a crunch you thought only existed in your dreams. After only a few weeks of buzz, the chaffle has blossomed into a springboard for endless possibilities and food creations. The DASH MINI MAKERS have quickly become the EASIEST way to fulfill all of your chaffle “bread” needs.


At Dash, we take our chaffles very seriously, so we compiled a list of the best savory, sweet, and just plain creative chaffle recipes. Here are our top 11 must-tries

  1. The Ultimate BASIC Chaffle

If you’re new to chaffles, Kasey goes over a wide variety of ways to change up the basics. She emphasizes that adding different cheeses and spices allows for a wide variety of tastes, and she suggests a wonderful variety of chaffle serving options!


  1. Everything But The Bagel, Bacon Cheddar, and Mint Chocolate Brownie

This article goes far beyond basic chaffles to suggest adding (Trader Joe’s) Everything but the Bagel Seasoning to your favorite recipes. Another fabulous idea? Savory bacon cheddar chaffles! For those of you with a sweet tooth, once you catch a glimpse of the mint chocolate brownie sandwich chaffles, there might be no turning back!


  1. Chaffle Churros

No drive-thru window necessary! Guilt free, keto, and perfect to pair with your favorite chaffle taco recipe.

4. Chocolate Chip Cannoli Chaffles


Get your cannoli fix with this mouth-watering recipe. Eat it after pasta, eat it for breakfast, eat it at 2 AM standing in front of the refrigerator (hey, no shame)! This is one recipe we CAN’T put down.

  1. Halloumi Cheese Chaffles

Pair this chaffle with lamb chops, or some delicious zucchini and tomato salad, or whip it out of your bag at 1 PM in the office on Monday. (Bonus points if you eat it with your eyes closed and imagine you can feel the crisp breeze of the mediterranean sea on your skin with each and every bite). You might still be stuck at your desk, but your coworkers won’t want to eat their Seamless anymore, they’ll be full of #chafflenvy!


  1. Chaffles Benedict

Nothing screams keto more than a breakfast of eggs, ham, and CHAFFLES. Poach those eggs in the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker for a pre-commute breakfast that looks like it came straight off the Sunday Brunch menu. While you’re at it, “Another mimosa please?”

7. Pumpkin Chaffles


Shoutout to the keto peeps who’ve been feeling constant Pumpkin Spice FOMO: this one’s for you. The only thing that could make this recipe more delightful is the Dash Pumpkin Mini Waffle Maker, a warm PSL, and a leaf-peeping vacation!

  1. The Carnivore’s Chaffle

Some have coined this one the #paffle AKA pork waffle. Here at Dash, we like to say, mornings are for meat lovers! This one is mind-blowingly easy to make. Just add pork rinds to your favorite recipe for a juicy, savory start to the day!

9. Eggnog Chaffles


With this much buzz, chaffles are here to stay, so naturally we had to think ahead and find the best, festive, chaffle recipe for the upcoming cold months. Check out this awesome tutorial on how to make eggnog chaffles!! Who are we kidding? After watching this, you’re not going to want to wait for cold weather to whip this recipe up!
  1. Garlic Chaffle Cheese Sticks

We like to think that this one goes out to the people who are ordering themselves an entire (keto) pizza and parking themselves on the couch the second they get home from work tonight. We encourage you to not move until you’ve binged at least 6 more episodes of your latest favorite drama, and you’ve eaten every last slice. With these by your side? We guarantee you’ll reach full couch potato bliss (with way fewer carbs)!


  1. Tiramisu Chaffles

We’ve always been big supporters of those who choose cake for breakfast, and these chaffles make the choice a no-brainer. You’ll be sipping your morning espresso, reaching to fill your plate with chaffle seconds.

If you’re hungry for more, stay tuned for our ORIGINAL birthday cake chaffles recipe. Be sure to share your chaffle favorites with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and use #unprocessyourfoods!  


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